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Brymill Cryosurgery  » CRY AC

CRY-AC® and CRY-AC®-3

Brymill is the world’s leading manufacturer of handheld, liquid nitrogen (LN2) cryosurgical and cryospray devices used to treat a wide range of common skin lesions, including Verruca (warts), Actinic Keratoses, Seborrheic Keratoses, Molluscum, Papilloma (skin tags), Lentigines (age spots), Condyloma (genital warts), and Basal Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer). The #1 choice of dermatologists, Brymill offers unsurpassed safety, versatility, and control for precise and effective cryosurgery.

CRY-AC® and CRY-AC®-3 units have a 3-year warranty covering parts and labor
Brymill CRY-AC
Brymill CRY-AC
6 spray tips with varying sized apertures (.04 - .016 inches), 20g Straight Spray and a 20 gauge bent spray are included with CRY-AC® and CRY-AC®-3 units for more accurate, controlled treatment of lesions of different sizes and types
Product No. Product Description Specifications Price  
Larger size for greater capacity & longer holding time Capacity: 16 oz. (500ml) $649.00
Height: 11.25 in. (286mm)
Weight: Full: 31.6oz. (895g)
Empty: 19.0oz. (540g)
Static Holding Time: 20 to 24 hours
Smaller size for easier handling Capacity: 10 oz. (300ml) $649.00
Height: 8.5 in. (215mm)
Weight: Full: 25.2oz. (715g)
Empty: 17.3oz. (490g)
Static Holding Time: 10 to 12 hours

Product No. Product Description Price  
(10 oz.)
Family Practice Package includes the following;
  • Choice of either the 10 or 16 oz CRY-AC hand-held liquid nitrogen delivery system
  • Withdrawl tube (Model 503)
  • 20 liter storage dewar (Model 501-20SC) 
  • Cryoplate (Model 303)
$1,795.00 Call to Order
(16 oz.)
(10 oz.)
Dermatology Practice Package includes the following;
  • Choice of either the 10 or 16 oz CRY-AC hand-held liquid nitrogen delivery system
  • Withdrawl tube (Model 502)
  • 20 liter storage dewar (Model 501-20) 
  • Cryoplate (Model 303)
$1,795.00 Call to Order
(16 oz.)

601 Cryotote $40.00

Brymill Cry-Ac®Tracker® Cam

Brymill CRY-AC Tracker
Brymill CRY-AC Tracker With our revolutionary new infrared sensors and built-in camera, you can:
  • Get a clear, precise view of the lesion area
  • Program applications by skin temperature and freeze time for better control
The Cry-Ac®Tracker® Cam is a device that measures the temperature of the skin when spraying Liquid Nitrogen via the Cry-Ac® delivery system to the selected skin lesion using the latest Infrared Sensoring technology.

The operator can set the Cry-Ac®Tracker® Cam to indicate when a predetermined freeze temperature has been achieved at the lesion.

For More Precise & Effective Cryosurgery
  • Consistently achieve desired skin temperature & freeze time.
  • More accurately perform cryosurgery.
  • Know how long to spray & when to stop.
  • Quickly train others to reliably do cryosurgery.
  • Achieve optimum results for patients.
Temperature Monitoring
  • Infrared light sensor continuously & safely monitors skin temperature at freeze site.
  • Color-coded lights shine on lesion to indicate how fast skin temperature is decreasing and when desired skin temperature is reached.

CRY-AC-B-910 Cry-Ac®Tracker® Cam $1,650.00

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